How to Find a Skilled Frontend Developer?

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You have probably met real masters in web development who know everything about apps built with Angular, secrets of JavaScript projects, and many more things. It doesn’t matter what they specialize in. They always have a queue of clients, junior colleagues catch their every word, and HR from a competing company asks and sees how to lure them to their staff. One needs to know one’s business and possess the wisdom to rise to such a level of mastery.

Are You a Skilled Web Developer?

Wise and skilled specialists achieve absolute heights in front-end development. How does an intelligent developer differ from a skilled one? At first glance, the answer is experience, a properly-selected web app tech stack, and a desire to develop in this direction. But this is only part of the truth.

The real key to success is that a skilled developer comprehensively analyzes the results of his work and the experience gained. This helps to understand how to act in various situations to get the necessary business result and avoid mistakes. Let’s consider the main features inherent in wise Frontend developers.

What Is Web Development?

Web programming is a promising and highly paid activity, which includes creating and developing dynamic web pages and applications based on which the entire digital world is built.

There are two broad sections of web development: client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend). Mastering the tools of two sections of web programming at once and the ability to create a ready-to-release web product from scratch is called full stack development.

What Skills and Knowledge Should a Web Developer Have?

  • Composers of front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Languages ​​for backend development (for example, PHP, NodeJS, etc.).
  • Knowledge of frameworks (React, AngularJS).
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.).
  • Knowledge of Web servers (Apache, Nginx).

What Are the Advantages of Skilled Web Developers?

First, such a specialist will represent an exceptional value for the employer, as he has a wide range of tasks and covers 2 positions at once – a frontend and a backend specialist.

Secondly, the salary of a skilled specialist is high.

What are the secrets of a professional front-end developer?

Create a Minimum of Code

Beginning competent developers often get complex code based on simple requirements. Experienced senior developers write simple code based on complex conditions. How do they do it?

It’s just that they have learned to foresee potential complications in the work of programs and avoid them already during creation. So the more different mistakes you make, the faster you will get closer to true Frontend masters. But it is essential to avoid making these mistakes again.

Even wise developers know how to distinguish situations when it is necessary to write new code and when it is possible to do without it. Moreover, the second option is preferable since each new line of code is an additional load on the project team and budget. Newly created code must be maintained. It increases the complexity of the finished IT solution.

The less code, the lower the risk of failure. And the shorter it is, the less likely it is to make a mistake. That’s why skilled developers strive to create as simple and short code as possible based on mandatory requirements, sometimes ignoring additional ones if they can be achieved by adjusting business processes.

Prioritize Business Goals

  • Intelligent developers, especially beginners, tend to start writing code even before they understand why the business needs the software product in the first place.
  • Skilled developers first study the project in detail, analyze business needs, and clarify what tasks the software product should solve and what requirements the created code should meet.

Experienced developers realize their expertise in creating IT solutions and, at the same time, understand that their customers are experts in their field. And to create a successful software solution, they need to cooperate closely. Therefore, front-enders focus on business goals and discover the future software’s fundamental purpose. At the project discussion stage, they ask many questions and specify the details to understand what kind of product should be obtained at the end.

It may take a long time to find out all the details. But a wise specialist knows that this reduces the overall development time. After all, based on precise and verified requirements, you can quickly create an effective software solution that meets the needs of the business.

Sometimes the wisdom of a developer is to start working on the code later, but move faster, creating the right software right away, rather than fixing one bug after another.

Do Not Take on Other People’s Responsibilities

The development of an IT solution is always a team effort. And in the team, everyone must fulfill their duties responsibly. Of course, mutual assistance is wonderful, and there is nothing wrong with suggesting to a less experienced colleague how to solve the problem. But they will only suggest, direct, and not do the work of others!

Skilled developers will accept help but will not do someone else’s work. After all, then they will not have enough time for their tasks. Time is our essential, irreplaceable resource that must be protected, and a wise specialist knows this.


A skilled developer differs from a smart one in the ability to draw valuable lessons from his experience, both successful and negative. And a wise specialist knows that there will always be technical failures, mistakes, and bugs, and it is impossible to protect yourself from them 100%. But you can prepare for them, make an action plan and not allow technical failures and other troubles to catch you by surprise.

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